Germany Vs. Italy

Germany Vs. Italy

Well, the day has dawned…err….the night has, in fact! The kickoff of the first semi-final of the 2006 FIFA Soccer World Cup is just about four hours away and I, for one, can’t wait to get back home and catch all of the action non-stop. More than the occasion, its the teams that are slugging it out that makes this encounter a mouth-watering one.

Italy have reached the Semi-Finals on the back of a sluggish start to their campaign but they had a good match against Ukraine in the QF’s and will ge supremely confidant. Germany have scraped through in a nerve-wracking QF against Argentina which was resolved through Penaltes after extra time….so they’ll be somewhat a strained lot. And whereas Germany have the home-advantage, which will be crucial in such an encounter; Italy can take heart from the fact that they have beaten the Germans in a Friendly, just a few weeks ago…and that to rather Emphatically…Scoreline was 4-1 !!!

Whatever be the result, this match sure promises to be a crackerjack affair and I am firmly rooting for Italy! Go Azzurri Go!!!!

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