France Win!!!

The Final Scoreline

France won the second semi-final of the FIFA World Cup against Portugal and book a place in the finals on July 9th..where wthey will meet Italy. In a pulsating encounter, Zinedine ‘Maestro’ Zidane’s 33rd minute penalty was enough to secure a win for the Les Bleus against a Portugal side which played well but were unluck not to score. This was the first match which I “listened to” over the FM radio while dozing off in front of the TV :mrgreen:

France’s winning goal came when Thierry Henry went to ground under a Ricardo
Carvalho challenge after 33 minutes and Zidane struck his spot-kick low
to Ricardo’s right. They defended their lead comfortably save for one
heart-in-mouth moment in the second half when Fabien Barthez spilled
Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick and Luis Figo headed the rebound
over.Portugal, semi-final losers here just as they were in 1966, will
contest the play-off for third place with Germany in Stuttgart on


France will now meet Italy in the final. The Italians would have an Extra day’s rest but their match wnet into the 121st minute whereas France finished theirs in the 90 minutes itself. So it remains to be seen as to which team can be more fit! As for me….its certain…Italy will win! Mebbe not hands-down..but Win they will :mrgreen:

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3 thoughts on “France Win!!!

  1. Man , Eagerly waiting for the final . I think Italy will definately come out on top . They really deserve it .

  2. Hi, I’m a sports journalist from a British newspaper. About the match, I think it was great and with a good result. Now there is extreme expectation on the Final game. On sunday, we will see two very solid and talented teams fighting for the glory. If you think Italy has everything they need to win their fourth Cup, hold on a second: I know from my experience that the teams that win titles are those teams with strong touching personal stories.

    Indeed, think about Djibril Cisse. His injury was just horrible, and now all his teammates are fighting hard to win the Cup for him. Or Frank Ribery, a person who suffered a lot in his life ( he was in a car accident when he was 2 years old. His face was crushed that day). Now Ribery is closer than ever to touch the glory in his life. And don’t forget about Zidane. A footballer with amazing talent…

    In a few words, you can bet that France will win. Take my word on that. By the way, if you want to read expert comments of the World Cup games, you can visit my blog. I hope you like it: FIFA World Cup – Germany 2006: Unofficial blog

  3. While I have always believed that France ara good side…capable of defeating anyone on their day (Indeed they defeated Brazil Twice within 8 years!!!) I also feel that Italians have the greater cohesiveness and team spirit…..When we talk of France…its always Zidane ..or Henry…..or even Ribery (as Jan put it himself…) But with Italy…the team is above the player….all their goals have come from different players..and this I belive..will stand them in good stead in the final!

    And While I say that Italy will win the WC…I shall not be overtly disappointed if France do it :mrgreen:

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