Superman Returns – Movie Review

Superman Returns

I Get to see this movie exactly a fortnight after it releases and am relieved as well as disappointed! Relieved because I didn’t waste my birthday on this one…and disappointed because I feel that ~200 Bucks for this movie@IMAX was a total waste šŸ˜¦ . Everyone was raving about how this movie should be seen only at the IMAX for the ultimate experience it offered, but frankly, I felt it didn’t make any difference! In fact, it only compunded my angst against wasting money on this flick!

Superman Returns….after a five-year absence from Earth and finds that the world has moved on…I won’t waste your time telling you what the movie is all about. Let Michelle or Scott tell it. I’ll tell you why I didn’t like this one: Well, for starters, it seems lame that a Superhero movie should focus more on the ‘humane’ aspect rather than the ‘heroic’ aspect. Half of the time, Superman is brooding about the people he left, his liason with Lois al. And worse, it doesn’t even get conveyed to the audience! Remember how Spiderman’s inner struggle were conveyed through monologues and inner-voices? Superman doesn’t use any of those and this reduces the man-of-steel into a ‘Thinker’ sorta caricature!

Secondly, story-wise, the film is maybe set in the 1990’s which hugely impacts the pace & narrative.In attaching itself with the last Superman story, the movie actually steeps back in time whereas it would have made much more sense if it was set in contemporary times. Thirdly, the casting is hackneyed! I presume Brandon Routh got the part because he ‘looked’ like Christopher Reeve and not because of his acting prowesses! Though he does well in patches, he doesn’t have the same screen-presence as the late Reeve. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane is absolute plastic! She seems hell-bent on blaming Superman for ditching her (& the world, of course) and remains morose & broody throughout. Even Kevin Spacey, as Lex Luthor seems inane & the lame characterization doesn’t help either. Luthor planning to carve a great ‘continent’ with only three henchmen & a vamp for company seems illogical & unthinkable! He talks on about ‘advanced alien technology’ but how does he intent to use’em? Flash it up in front of the poloce/army/whatevva! The chemistry between Routh & Kate is lukewarm (as Superman & Lois Lane) and is almost non-existant (as Clark Kent & Lois Lane).

Superman Returns

Technically too, the movie’s a no-no! The opening shot shows a planet (prbably Krypton) explode in space and the blast is heard…when there sound doesn’t travel in vacuumm šŸ‘æ And apart from the opening airplane-rescue scene & the climax, action is mellowed & subdued. I think most of the money was spent in Superman’s flying CGI effects and outer-space shots and they had to fill up the rest of the 2 & 1/2 hours with melodrama & sentiment!

I was might excited about seeing this movie in the IMAX as ’twas going to be my first 3-D xperience. There were only four sequneces (of 10-15 minutes each) that were in 3-D but they were wonderful! Though it doesn’t make a good RoI but I’ll take it! All in all, this is one super-hero movie that I definitely won’t be returning to!

Spiderman 3 …. Bring it on :mrgreen:


8 thoughts on “Superman Returns – Movie Review

  1. Well, I wouldnt mess with Lex Luthor, he’s the most intelligent person in the Superman universe, comparable to that of Brainiac’s powers. šŸ™‚

    Sound doesnt travel in vaccum, Star Wars :mrgreen:

  2. Yeah but the movie never shows it but for his boasting šŸ˜¦

  3. Well, the movie’s Fortress of Soltitude is one big crap joke šŸ˜› Its really soooo nice.

  4. šŸ˜ ‘The movie never shows’ what?

    The ‘Continent’ is just a mere piece of rock šŸ‘æ how’d Lex supposed ppl. will live there?

  5. Oops… Lex Luthor’s real brain.

  6. Yup! All he does is brag…… Gene Hackman’s character was more scheming…20 years ago too!

  7. Yo anyone see superman returns? I loved that movie and i cant wait to pick up the dvd and game for xbox 360….i heard theres a code in the dvd that lets you play as bizzaro in the game, that should be pretty tight. Im lookin forward to gettin it at the end of the month.

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