BlogSpot BlackSpotted!!!

I first heard about it at FreeHyderabad where Gyanster had posted that some Indian ISP’s were blocking access to, one of the most popular Blogging sites. This ‘ban’ was carried out at the behest of the Ministry of Communications in the aftermath of the Mumbai bomb blasts. Apparently, the terrorists had used blogs hosted on Blogger to communicate with each other and co-ordinate the blasts! Hence in an attempt to curb any further mishaps, the Government is resorting to ‘restricting’ access to the blog hosting networks!!!

As any blogger worth his/her blog will tell you, this move is sheer idiocy on the part of the powers-that-be! Suppressing a medium that has so many exponents and players who use this hallowed medium in ways & means ranging from expression of ones views’ to pseudo-journalism is totally uncalled for. There was this incident with Yahoo Groups sometime ago which resulted in the site being blocked because few anti-social elements were using it!

It is no surprise that Bloggers all around India (and I presume from all around the Blogosphere as well) are up in arms against it. There are quite a few blogs out there which give a clearer picture than my own and bring forth the issue to the forefront. Mridula was one of the earliest ones to notice that and has been following it up diligently here. Nandan has a nifty suggestion to use the Right To Information act to get to the root of the act. IF you are unable to access those and other blogs hosted on, then read Labnol’s detailed instructions on how to access them on the sly 😉 . The site also has a well-written QnA’s on what has happened allovasudden! Shivam Vij highlights the steps he has taken to follow up on the root-cause of this blanket ban and has some really interesting insights. Please read thorough these and many other such blogs and make your voice heard by signing the Petition at Wikia.

Update: The Government  has instructed the ISP’s to unblock the entire domain and instead block only some selected sites (around 17 of them). This will be done within the next 48 hours.

5 thoughts on “BlogSpot BlackSpotted!!!

  1. Man… all your helpful links are on blogspot 🙂

  2. 😐 Yup! And I can access all of them! U can’t??

  3. No I cant 😛

    Anyways the govt has made ISPs unblock the entire domain and ban the sites specifically instead (48 hours) Lol dont anyone at ISP-level know what blogspot is to completely ban it!?

  4. sigh! They must be having morons aboard their staff!

  5. Dust cleaners I assume.

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