Moi Anniversary@Work

Today, the 19th of July 2006 will be the day when I start my second year of my stint at Work.I I had joined in 2005 on 18th of July and was thriled to be a part of this growing enterprise. One year down the line, I do not regret my decision at all and to be frank, have enjoyed working! Except for the few days when I used to return back very late in the night, i really had a good year. I made some great friends who are as professional at the workplace as they are chummy & friendly away from it. It was slightly hard at first…..after having a whale of a time in 6 years of higher-secondary & graduate education, jumping into a corporate environment which expects some very high standards of professionalism and  committment! But I’ve sailed through the first year and see the coming years more of as a stepping stone towards greater success than as a challenge. Of course, there will be challenges ahead….some easy and a lot of not-so-easy tasks…having to make some major decisions…guide the team that I’m working with, to success….as well as chartering my own success. I’m game for all…and more of them!

Looking forward to a great year of continuing happiness and success…..

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