Ultimate Film Desktop

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I got this Via Ustaad on the FreeHyderabad discussion baords. Neatly hidden in this picture are names of around 100 Hollywood movies. And by hidden, I mean that there are pictorial clues as to the movie names….

To celebrate the 100th edition of our weekly newsletter, we wanted to create something truly film-fantastic to commemorate this landmark anniversary. With the help of our very clever designers we have created the Ultimate Film Desktop Wallpaper – packed-full of 100 cryptic film titles for you to find.

To kick it all off we’ll help you with the first couple: find the two saws lying precariously in the middle of the road – this safety hazard represents gory horror films Saw and Saw 2. Think your film tough enough to find the other 98 references?

Full story & Download at LoveFilm

I and my friends have managed to find out around 75 of them already….try your hand it!

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Film Desktop

  1. Hehe I remember someone giving me a similar music one too, gonna crack this… alone 😛

  2. Ugh, gave up its too complex… *waits for answer list :twisted:*

  3. Heyy..its really Easy…one just has to change the clues into names and guess whether any movie by that name exists or not 👿 Hint: IMDB :mrgreen:

  4. I am looking to find the answers to the ultimate film desktop
    from 19 july 2006 can amyone help and let me now where i can find them

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