Lousy Saturday

What else can it be when there is no power for half of the day 👿 As it is the morning was ruined by the calls of the maid as early as 9:30 AM!!! That after a hectic week when I had to work outta moi skin 😐

Then the forenoon was eaten away by a pretty moronic film that went by the name of Chup Chup Ke! Filmed by acclaimed director Priyadarsan, the movie was a total waste of moi time & money!

To top it all there had to be a power failure that continued from late afternoon till 9 PM in the night! A so-so breakfast and a hearty dinner were the sole sources of solace in an otherwise lousy day! Not to mention the Cornettos & Butterscotches I had 

3 thoughts on “Lousy Saturday

  1. Dunno what happened yesteday to power…the power went off at about 7 PM at my place…decided to have dinner at a hotel…on the way I remembered I needed some money so searched for an ATM and will you belive the ATM cabin had no light except the screen reflection….had a tough time pressing the right keys on the keypad.

    Finally arrived at the hotel and ordered Afghani Chicken and butter naan, as I was about to have the first morsel..I couldnt see anything…no not again I thought….thankfully the hotel had a generator….at least the dinner saved the boring evening.

  2. These EB’s find summer a good time to save power it seems… Happens often too!

  3. Maan! It was so humid that day! Seemed like may 👿

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