Lunch @ Little Penang

After a long long hiatus from eating out with colleagues, we set out today afternoon to reinvigorate our zest for some nice lunch and found ourselves at the building in Banjara Hills which housed two equally ok far-eastern hotels. While Little Penang was the well-established one offering traditional Malay & Thai Cuisine, Kafulok was kinda a new-kid-on-the-block, offering a predominantly chinese cuisine. We plumped for the charm and ambience of Little Penang and promptly trooped in.

One major grouse against this eatery was the absolute lack of any sort of Air Conditioning! There was just a single pedestal fan to cater to an eating place of almost 70 odd :evil:. Food was kinda on the good side with an equal balance between Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Offerings. Most eastern eateries tend to lean towards the Non-Veg items whilst leaving us Veggies high & dry :(. But Little Penang didn’t disappoint us. Starters included a choice of either Veg or Chicken Manchow Soup with Chilli Tofu, Spicy Potato Fries & Spring Rolls for accompaniments. Main course included Hakka Noodles and Steamed Rice with 6 non-veg curries and 4 veg ones. And don’ ask me the names coz i don’ remember’em :|. Desserts included an assortment of pastries, Jelly, freshly cut vegetables and some really nice Apple Tart. All of this for a very reasonable 150 bucks was too good an offer to be ignored!

6 thoughts on “Lunch @ Little Penang

  1. first submitation

  2. hey was this a buffet ? n hows the ambience n stuf ??

  3. hey can u spare a few mins n send me a mail 😀

  4. thanks in advance ! 🙂

  5. It was a buffet and it was in 2006!!!

    Don’t know whether it is still open and running!

  6. I used my GPS and finally located this restaurant.. They have changed name and has been bought over… Went with coupleof friends and had la-carte items… rice, veg dish and dessert… bill at around 350 bucks per head…
    But the taste was really good! Ambiance is excellent and love the place

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