Latesht Songs

I took some time off to dawdle on the WWW today and decided to listen to some of the newly released songs. I headed out to err….ahemm….one of the Free Streaming sites and checked out songs of the following movies:

  • Lage Raho Munnabhai
  • Omkara
  • Rocky, and
  • Kailasa (Though itz an Album)

Lagey Raho…is not a patch upon the Original Munnabhai and only the title song is catchy enuff. Samjho ho ho gaya is funny only because of Arshad Warsi’s interspeding dialogues. Rest of them are bland!

Omkara has a very Rustic feel to it! Beedi was catchy and O Saathi Re was melodious. But it was the title track that stood out for its beats & lyrics!

Rocky was kinda Ok and has this already-listened feel to it…maybe because of the oft-listened music of Himesh Reshammiya.Junoon Junoon is the only good track innit!

And no doubt…Kailasa is the album of the week 😛 ! All the songs are so nice and eminently listenable. Teri Deewaani is the pick of the lot…followed closely by Tauba Tauba and Dilruba. And the presence of Allah ke Bande only adds more zing to the album! Hats off to Kailash Kher…..

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