Rains & Jams – Hyderabadi Ishtyle

It was raining cats n’ dogs since last night and though it has let off in the morning, the downpour was enough to choke almost all the main throughfares of the city! I woke up today to a steady drizzle that is all the more dangerous since water accumulates as time progresses. It was quite a meagre downfall as compared to last night’s lashing. I don’t have the numbers but it was pretty much. I waded onto the main road from the hinterland where i live and had to literally crawl through shin-deep water! Damn! I ruined my Nikes in that process 👿

Rains in Hyderabad

And I crawled to office and have been roaming around naked-footed ever since! Its now 9 PM and though the rain has sorta petered out, the traffic is choc-a-bloc all over the city, I hear and it could take anywhere between an hour to two in reaching my home, which is just under 8 Kms away! Talk about fast-commute! And thus end my plans of watching one of Omkara/Anthony Kaun Hai/Darwaza Band Rakho tonight…….

3 thoughts on “Rains & Jams – Hyderabadi Ishtyle

  1. damn , I am here eagerly waiting to see some rain but no rain. And people there dont want any more rain , still hell lots of rain.
    Why can’t God distribute equally????

  2. Which place iz it?
    Thankfully, there was no rain today 🙂

  3. Phir bhi dil hai hyderabadi
    Nice blog.
    Keep up the good work.
    Visit our new web 2.0 blog, and leave your comments, pl.

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