Hungarian Grand Prix – Saturday Qualifying

Kimi Clinches Pole...Again!Shoot! McLaren’s Kimi Raikkonen clinches his second successive Pole position this year as he outruns Ferrari’s Felipe Massa to book the pole position at the Hungarian Grand Prix. And like with last week’s Qualifying session, I missed this one also 😦

So going by this, it seems that me not being able to see the Qualifying session would augur well for Kimi :mrgreen:

Kimi Raikkonen took pole for Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix as title rivals Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso felt the effects of time penalties.

Raikkonen stole the show in the dying seconds of qualifying with a time of one minute 19.599 seconds.Ferrari’s Felipe Massa was second, while team-mate Schumacher had to settle for 11th after a two-second penalty given after Saturday practice.


It might have been lucky for Kimi as both title-contenders, Alonso and Schumacher received similar time penalties for ther follies during Friday and Saturday practice and will start the race from 12th and 15th place respectively. Hunaroring is a track where overtaking is difficult and with Schumi and Alonso as far back as they are, it looks good for Kimi. But the second Ferrari of Massa could prove to be a menace. Also, Schumacher is pretty good at overtaking and with his teammate to block the head of the field, methinks he’ll climb up for a podium finish. For Alonso, it looks very bleak indeed and if he does finish in the top five, finishing ‘behind’ Michael could prove costly for him.

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