Sick…and Tired!

After moi escapades in the rain yesterday night, I caught a terrific cold and a bit of cough! And though I had a decent enuff dinner at a kinda dingy place called Sitara, the night was miserable. Firstly I couldn’t get an auto back to the place I live and on top of it I couldn’t escape the pounding rain…inspite of having a windcheater and a cap! I had to change three buses to get to home and eventually flopped onto da bed at 2 AM thereabouts…

And the cold was steadily coming on..and I mean the *sniff sniff* kinda cold and not the *brrr…shiverrrr* kinda cold! The throat also was feeling kinda itchy and the few halls/vicks that I’d hoarded didn’t seem to help :(. I tossed and turned around and on the whole, must’ave caught just about 3 hours of sleep in the entire night!

And today’s no different either! I am slouching at the office with nothing better to do than surf the WWW and am getting bored outta it eventually! Waitaminnit…..there’s F1 Qualifying happening someplace…….*scoots*

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