Microsoft Live! Writer

Microsoft launched their spanking new tool, the Windows Live Writer today. The live (without the ‘!’ somehow) is a tool that enables users to Blog offline! i.e. it is a WYSIWYG editor that enables users to compose blog posts offline and upload them onto their Blogs whenever they are connected to the net. No need to open the blog site for editing and posting stuff.

This post is made from the Live Editor and I must say that it does look nifty! But hey, first things first…head onto the MSN Spaces site of the Live Editor at and read all about it. And then head onto Microsoft’s download site and get the Live Writer. (Here) Its relatively lightweight at 4.7 MB and once u run and install it, fire the program from the start menu. On first run, it will prompt you for ur Blog Type. If you have a MSN Spaces account, I guess the process will be a little easier but with other Blogs also, it is quick! Select the blog type and then if it is a non-msn spaces blog, enter the URL, Username and Password in the fields. The tool will then attempt to get all the settings from your blog and then post-confirmation, you’re ready to rock! The Editor is a pretty Simple WYSIWYG kinda editor and it also replicates the theme and look of the Blog while you edit the post. So users will actually get to see what their post is gonna look like!

And it has the other features like Draft-saving, adding tags and images, links etc. There’s also a built-in spell check.One can also insert a Windows live map into the post.One can add multiple blogs to it. It is pretty much similar to the Flock Extension which I use sometimes but with more razzmatazz and bells & whistles!

And since it is still in Beta, there are a few downsides.There’s no option for creating a tag within the editor. So if i wanna new tag, I gotta head back to the blog, create it and then post within it! And since I have worked on it for less than hald-an-hour, itz pretty soon to weed out other such glitches. Remains to be seen as to how many I’ll weed out 😉

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Live! Writer

  1. Coool.
    Downloading it right now.

  2. samer

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  4. siick man, downloadin’ iit nOWWWWWWWWWW!

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