I Salute…..

…all the Indians on the 59th Independence Day.

…the grit and determination of people who have borne nature’s wrath.

…the spirit of unity and harmony that is prevalant even in the most testing times.

…the hopes that burn bright even in the face of adversity or calamity.

…the people who have reached out to help the needy in times of grief and sorrow.

…the communities which have steadfastly refused to be embroiled in conflicts caused by few anti-social elements.

…the honour and pride that swells up in every Indian when the see the Tricolor fluttering in the breeze.

…the people who even on being away from the country, pine for their homeland and yearn to be back where they belong.

…all of those who have joined hands in unision and chanted Vande Mataram.


Saare Jahaan se accha, Hindustan hamaara..hamaara.

 Hum bulbule hain iske, yeh gulistan hamaara..hamaara.

 Saare Jahaan se acchaHindustan Hamaara.

Indian Independence Day

4 thoughts on “I Salute…..

  1. I salute the tricolour and one of those Indians who yearn to come back.

  2. happened to chance on this blog, and decided to join in the salute. cheers

  3. @Gyan: One Indian? Who might that be 👿

    @Pras: Cheers! And Tx for da Salute 🙂

  4. I dont know byt shouldnt this have been the 60th one instead of 59? I was corrected so at a forum, and my calculator was wrong for the first time… j/k … 😛

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