Blogs, Blogging and The Blogosphere

Thatz the name of the Presentation that I had given at moi workplace. There’s an event here that goes by the name of ‘PitStop’. As in Formula1, where the PitStop is a period of intense concentration and a place for refuelling, rejuvenating and generally getting an all-new gear to equip the driver for a few more laps of the track; the PitStop programme is aimed at a small session to replenish the knowledge of the people with the latesht Gyaan and Information.

A few days ago, I was the chosen one for sharing my knowledge on the vast topic of Blogs and Blogging. Armed with a sleek n small Power Point presentation, I embarked upon delivering one of the most challenging presentation that I ever had given. Challenging, because I wasn’t sure as to whether the audience would connect with me or not. Because I did’nt think many people were into Blogging and took at as seriously as,ahemm…Myself :mrgreen: . It was a well-attended session and I made an earnest effort in making the content as easy to understand as Pie! And the feedback (not loads of it though!) was encouraging. And that made me lose the ‘fear’ and ‘apprehension’ that I initially had! All in a Good day’s work, I must say….

Link for the PPT

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