The God of Small Games!

Itz been a manic kinda week till now! Why because, each day of the week I end up playing a Small Game on the PC and whatz weirder, end up being the High-Scorer amongst all of them players 🙂 And by ‘Small Game’ I mean the Flash Games that one keeps getting off the Internet or getting as Email forwards. They may be small in size but are definitely Big on entertainment value they provide :mrgreen:

First up, it was the Pingu Throw that was posted on FreeHyderabad Discussion Boards and which I promptly downloaded and started playing in my leisure time. I achieved 323.5 first…though a few friends managed to equal it 😐 but no one surpassed it 🙂 . Then came the Gold-Miner which also was a nifty game in which we’re supposed to pick up Gold and Diamonds from the field. A Flash-enabled game, it is small yet enjoyable!

There’s also the age-old Copter which is a Flash-based game that tests one’s skills in concentration and Hand-eye coordination. In fact, all the four games that I played were immense tests of hand-eye co-ordination and stealth of hand! The fourth game here was Tennis Push in which we’re supposed to keep a Tennis Ball floating in the air by keeping on clicking on it. Fun but very difficult. Initially though. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy-as-pie :mrgreen:

The Four Games

The Image above shows the Screen-shots of the Four Games.

Clockwise from Top Left: Gold-Miner;Copter;Tennis and Pingu Throw!

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