Don – Music Review

Against all odds, I listened to the songs of Don today. Why I am saying ‘against all odds’ is coz I ain’t no SRK fan and do not really dig into his movies or music. But two (rather four!) names made me think otherwise. Farhan Akhtar, whose last two movies had fantastic music and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, who were behind that fantastic music. And added to it, the curiosity factor of it being a remake of a classic and also to checkout how three cult numbers – Main Hoon Don, Yeh Meraa Dil and Khaike Pan Banaraswaala – have been treated. Do they still retain that charisma? Have they been raised to an altogether new level? Or have they been reduced to zilch? With these persistent Questions, i set about listening to DON!

First up is the title track Main Hoon Don sung by Shaan and whose starting beats remind us of the Mission Impossible Donsoundtrack so much so that my colleagues were clamouring for sharing that song 👿 Apart from the MI resemblance, there is the ‘also-heard’ feel for an inexplicable reason! Lyrics are different from the original but do not differ much. Ah yeah! It reminded me of the title song from Baadhshah! The second ‘evergreen’ number Yeh Mera Dil is kept intact s per the Lyrics point of view but beats have been that it now resembles a Remix of the older classic. I’m kinda unable to pin-point the singer of this one but she does an OK job. One can never xpect any singer to beat Ashaji do we?? For some godforsaken reason, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy get Udit Naran to sing the rumbustious Khaike Paan Banaraswaala and he totally desecrates the track!!! Not to mention that his voice does’nt match SRK at all 👿 The lyrics are the same though. The rest of the album is plainly mediocre. There’s a Ganapati Utsav number – Moriya Re which is a relatively melodious religious song. There are two Remix versions of the Main Hood Don number. One by Medevial Punditz that is more catchy and beaty than the original! But it incorporates sounds that resemble the ‘Bhow Bhow’ beat from the Who let the Dogz out’ number of Baha Men!!! Though irritating, it does lend a catchy feel to the song and is definitely the pick of the lot for me! The second version is the FnCInternational Mix (?) which is also a beat-filled and pacy remix of the title track. There is also a Don Theme that is a full-fledged instrumental with SRK’s vocals trown in for that ‘eerie’ feel! Reminded me of the Sholay Remix that came out a few years ago :mrgreen:

All in all, a pretty mediocre album, considering Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Farhan Akhtar’s pedigree and all the history attached to this movie. But it still may be a hot-seller just because of SRK’s popularity etc etc. I somehow feel that it lacks that “One-Song-Chartbuster” that is needed for giving the movie a fillip!

23 thoughts on “Don – Music Review

  1. Yeah…after repeated listens, Aaj ki Raat sounds good…..but best song of the lot? I disagree

  2. can anybody plz gemme ‘mein hoon DON’ song lyrics? plz

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