Midweek Musings

Okay! So this would be a random post with no sense of direction or purpose whatsoever! And to be frank, wouldn’t be my firts one either :mrgreen:

So…Lage Raho Munnabhai releases and is getting nice reviews but pray, why isn’t it showing in Hyderabad PVR? Thatzby far the nearest (and arguably the best) theatre and when it doesn’t release there, it deprives many people of some nice entertainment 👿

All this week I had been listening to only two albums on moi PC. One would be Don – The Chase Begins again, which I had already reviewed in an earlier post and the another would be Aap Ki Khatir. The latter has some very melodious tracks and I keep playing them on and on and on. Never Tire of them! After all, it has Himesh Reshammiya composing the music!

On a completely different note, a group of us folks are going on a three day whirlwind tour of central AP…which will be a part-pilgrimage and part-picnic! This, sometime in the middle of september though.

I have started using Yahoo Web Messenger from today and thanks to Rohit of SF for pointing that out. So Skype and YM! are now the preferred mode of communication for me, while at work :mrgreen:

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