Revamped Reliance?

I’m visiting one after eons….and the first time after Anil took over Relaince Infocomm! And I notice that there’re many changes afoot! Starting from the unifoms to the logos and banners and the primary color of the business, there were lotsa changes visible. But underneath, its still the same as was before. My roommate owns a reliance fixed wireless phone and itz been a headache ever since the day he got it. Replacements too were tacky and worthless…billing is shoddy..recharging is shoddier. Vouchers are always short in supply and what not!

Reliance Web World's New InterfaceAnd there are a few changes on the software front at the webworlds also…gone is the old and simple interface having a nice li’l console sitting unobtrusively on the console. In its place is a snazzy and ‘Vista’ – like interface with a clutter of  buttons and ads strewn all over it. Confusing it is but also is a pain on the eyes. Firstly, itz a shoddy black-colored one! Nifty for some but not for many;incl. me. But the speeds are fantastic and so are the accessories that the provide. I have a kewl pair of Galaxy headphones on and listening to awesome streaming music off the net! Can’t get that in plain vanilla cyber cafes, can I??

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