Pirates Ahoy!

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightley, Bill Nighy
Genre: Fantasy, Action

Dead Man's ChestAfter a delay of several weeks, the much-awaited Disney movie – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest finally released here. And contrary to popular beliefs, it was not the telugu version that made it to the multiplexes. I had seen the first part only on the small screen but wasn’t gonna miss this one! The movie starts with Elizabeth (Keira) and William (Orlando) about to get married but are arrested and sent to the gallows for aiding Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) in his escape. To save his and his beloved’s neck from the hangman’s noose, William is sent to retreive Jack’s famous Compass. Meanwhile, Jack has his own troubles when he knows that he has an unpaid debt to Davy Jones (Nighy) and takes refuge on an island, where the cannibals are about to eat him. Will and Elizabeth join with Jack in yet another misadventure as they battle Davy Jones and his fearsome sea-beast; aid Jack in retreiving a chest (the Dead Man’s Chest) which alone could save Jack from eternal servitude in Davy Jones’ crew.

The movie is entirely carried over his shoulders by Johnny Depp and his mannerisms and dialogues elicit laughter as well as admiration. The introductory scene of Depp is oh-so-cool as he escapes from a coffin by shooting off the crow/raven/woodpecker that keeps tapping it in search of morsels!Keira and Orlando too make their presence felt and there’s a hint of a love-triangle amongst them towards the end of the movie. The movie’s stand-out features are its stunts, sets and the awesome production value. With hair-raising action scenes – be it an escape sequence from a bonecage suspended between a deadly deep chasm or a fight atop a 20-feet high water-wheel or a terrifying battle-at-sea against the terrible sea monster – The Cracken, keep the viewers on tenterhooks throughout! Some of the settings, like the bayou swamp sets with stilt-houses and fireflies et al are so creepy that it almost feels like a bad dream come true! Looks-wise, Depp is the usual self with beadlocked hair and kohly eyes! Keira looks beautiful and Orlando is OK.The work on Davy Jones’ look is awesome and his crew members are also frightening to look at….and so is with the ‘lady-in-the-swamp’!

The movie’s dialogues are witty and humor-laded and though some of them are hard to understand (there was this lady group at the theatre who would laugh when their neighbors do :lol:) it was pretty sarcastic at times…most often with Depp’s character! Entertainment value is up there amongst all recent releases (English i.e.) and though it has taken time to reach the theatres here, it was well worth the wait. What took most viewers by surprise was the rather-abrupt and rather open-ended climax! Part 3 is fast comng up, I understand! I won’t be surprised if Captain Jack Sparrow turns out to be the ‘rescuee’ in the third part 😉 esp with the last-gasp entry of Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush) in this one.

My Rating: 8 out of 10.

P.S: There was some talk about a surprise ‘after’ the credits! But those impatient PVR guys didn’t wait until then! Unplugged the screen as soon as the credits rolled 👿

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4 thoughts on “Pirates Ahoy!

  1. The bonus scene wasnt so worth, just that the dog was made the god of those tribals…

  2. The movie was damn good , cant wait for the third part . And thanks for telling me bout the bonus scene .

  3. @QM: Thanx for the ‘revelation’ :mrgreen:
    @Madhur: Welcome 🙂

  4. Pirates 2 pretty much sucked compared to the first one. It had a few good parts, but I think it was just a prelude to the 3rd one. I hope number 3 is better!

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