Picnic Time!

Late September and early October is a nice time for picnics and excursions and thus a bunch of us colleagues are setting out for a nice three-day outing into the hinterlands of AP. We’ll be visiting the temple-town of Srisailam which also has a nifty little dam which generates lotsa hydel power for the state. I had visited Hirakud some years ago and was quite thrilled by that experience as one walsk over the dam as thousands of gallons of water is gushing beneath! I hope Srisailam too will be a good (if not better experience)

Next stop on our itinerary is the nearly-unheard of waterfall place called Malayateertham. Nestled among the little hills of the deccan plateau, this place has been relatively untouched by mankind and I hear that its quite serene! We’ll also be visiting the Seema town of Kurnool and visit the enchanting Belum Caves. It is said to be the longest underground cave system in South India and would be a helluva experience, I hope! So the next three days will be hectic and fun-filled….shall be back again on Tuesday. Ciao.

2 thoughts on “Picnic Time!

  1. Hey chitsy when are you writing something about your experience….Make it fast.I am waiting.

  2. hii
    i am sri, can u mail the exact root of mallelateertham from hyderabad


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