My Excursion – Day 1

Ah! At last I got the time to pen my Travelogue about the trip that I had undertaken with my colleagues over the last weekend. The places we visted were Srisailam, Mallelateertham and Kurnool. Amongst the attractions on the tour were the Thermal power station and Dam at Srisailam, a small waterfall a Mallelateertham and a vast expanse of underground caves – called the Belum Caves – at Kurnool.

Our Expedition started off from our office premises at 7 AM on the 16th. We had hired a swanky n plush coach from APTDC and would be completing the entire journey in it. Our journey meandered through the early-morning city traffic wherein we picked up our brekfast at hotel Dwaraka in Lakdi-ka-pul, made its way past the historic Charminar and before we knew, we were zooming along the highway! We stopped for a brief while to devour the steaming hot Idlis and Upma and resumed our journey. Our journey was made seemingly shorter by the various games that we had brought along which included Cards and Tambola. And ahemm…I won quite a handsome amount :mrgreen: We reached Mallelateertham at around 11 AM and from thereon it was all by foot! The way to the waterfalls was a steep descent across some jagged rocks and man-made steps and after a tedious walk, we were there in front of the falls which were cascading in all ther splendor! Few brave folks managed to get very very close to the falls whereas the others were content with our photo sessions! After some 30 minutes at the falls, it was time for us to leave and the climb back to the top was far more excruciating than the descent! We drove on towards our next destination – Srisailam – with a brief stop for lunch at about 2 PM where we devoured with gusto some spicy pulihora and bobbatlu!

We reached the ghats that lead to the Srisailam dam and the climb up was a winding and meandering affair. Halfway up the ascent, we could see the Dam and the river Krishna that flows across it. All of us were awe-inspired as we crossed the bridge and went upto the vantage point where Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had laid the foundation stone for the dam way back in 1963. There was a miniature model of the Dam and the Hydel power plant which was housed beneath the mountain spread across an 8-acre expanse, that too at some 3 feet under the ground! Next stops included a few temples after which we reached our place of stay – the Punnami resort of APTDC. We checked into the rooms, stashed our luggage, had high tea and snacks and continued on our expedition into the temple-town of Srisailam. Our first stop was the Sakshi Ganapati temple wherein all visitors have to ‘register’ their entry into the temple town. We then proceeded onto the main temple of Srisailam – the Shiva temple which stood majestically in the heart of the town. Darshan took us more than an hour and then it started to rain!!! We got caught in the drizzle and had to stay at the premises for quite a while! We did satiate our hunger with some prasadam – including Laddoos and Vadas ๐Ÿ™‚

At 9 PM, we trooped into the Pongali restaurant of APTDC and had some hot Phulkas, Dal fry and Gobi masala! All this while, I was barefooted and trekked the nearly a kilometre’s journey to the hotel from the temple like that! The grub turned out to be a dampener though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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