New Theme

So then Matt posted about this New Theme: Rounded and I, like a true blue nincompoop, commented about how WP themes are always narrow and leave too much whitespace at the sides! That too, without applying/using the theme! And when Matt did say that it was a wide-page theme, I used it here and had a sheepish li’l grin

But I kinda dislike the brown hues…black would’ave been better! And I noticed laters that the ‘baloon’ over the comments window which says “leave a reply” and the designer arrow that emanates from the main rounded post window are too garish for comfort! So me gonna stick to this theme for a very leetull time.

P.S: Part 2 of moi travelogue will be appearing soon.

P.P.S: I noticed that the Smileys in the post are aligning towards the left…irrespective of where they are entered in the text 😐

6 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Maybe it’s the browser I use, but I noticed a difference between the way the theme looks on your blog versus mine. Most of the letters are lowercase… and I didn’t put them that way.

  2. I today changed my theme to Rounded! Was wondering if the ‘flexible width’ in the description had any significance (and landed here from the pingback on the WP blog post on the new theme announcement)! 😀

    I am wondering why it’s called flexible width! There is no option to tamper the width. May be its wider, that’s why.

    • Its flexible width coz it would ‘expand’ to fit the browsers’ window it is viewed in different resolutions.
      Try this trick to see it urself: Open ur blog in the browser and when fully loaded, type
      in the address bar and hit enter. You’d see how the theme changes to accommodate the text, without creating a horizontal scrollbar.

      You can change the numbers to ‘simulate’ any resolution you want…at some low res, the horizontal scroll bar does come up but that’s inevitable 😛

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