Weekend Movie Watching V

I don’t exactly remember the number of the last ‘Weekend Movie Watching’ post and am just assuming that it is IV and hence the V in this post! So the weekend of 23rd and 24th of September was quite a wet one as well as a frustrating one. Wet, because it rained in the evenings, thus making it difficult to venture out and roam around. Frustrating, because for almost the entire saturday we had a powercut !

Anyways, the movie marathon started on friday night with the Snake flick – Anacondas : Hunt for the blood orchid! which was totally tepid and uninviting. Contrary to my expectation of there being onlyw 2 or 3 snakes, this movie had a whole bunch of them…almost more than a dozen! Next in line was the telegu movie Super which ‘tried’ to be a ‘Dhoom’ in the making with all snazzy bike stunts and robberies et al but which turns out to be a damp squib instead. The saving grace was Sandeep Chowta’s music and for my roomie, Ayesha Takia’s (often garish!) appearance. 

Owing to the saturday powercut, we could resume our movie-watching in the late afternoon with The Ring Two, the second part of the horror flick wherein samara returns to haunt Naomi Watts and her son. A watchable movie, this one though not as spooky as the first was OK. Somehow I felt that the rationale behind making this one was the first one’s success!!! We also could barely manage to sit through Air Force One – in Telugu! before latching onto a really heart-touching flick called Anandam. The other telugu flick that we managed to see off safely was the gory-and-bory Arjun starring Mahesh Babu. Saturday evening was rounded off with the awesome comedy movie – Garam Masala, starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. A remake of a Malayalam hit, this movie is a complete laugh riot. ’twas time for hindi flicks again and Salaam Namaste, a teenybopper love story having an aged-looking Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta in it. Itz actually a remake of the hollywood flick Nine Months and was slightly over-the-top, esp. the climax. The last movie for the weekend was Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi’s Anthony Kaun Hai? which attempted to be a comedy but succeeded only in parts. Thus endedtwo-and-a-half days of watching the television and spending a lazy weekend.

P.S: I had made this post on Monday itself, but I wonder how it didn’t get posted šŸ˜ šŸ‘æ 

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