Chinese Grand Prix – Sunday Race

Michael and AlonsoThere’s a saying in hindi called Haath ko aaya Muh na laga! Meaning the morsel’s in the hand but the holder’s unable to taste it :mrgreen: A more apt way of saying it would be So near yet so far! Thatz what happened with Renault’s Fernando Alonso, who did everything right on Saturday and Sunday and yet ended up on the second step of the podium whereas Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher, after a disastrous saturday qualifying and an OK race managed to win the Chinese Grand Prix quite easily in the end!!! Sport can be so unfair at times…

The race was almost in the bag for Alonso, who put in a marvellous performance for the entire qualifying event to grab the pole position and led the sunday’s race with a comfortable margin up until the 22nd lap! I don’t know what prompted Renault to take the iffy decision of leaving on the wet-weather rear tyres on Alonso’s car which ultimately caused him to lose grip in the middle segment, thus allowing Michael to claw back the lead and ltimately win the race! His win means that going into the season’s last two races, both Michael and Alonso are on level points (116 each) in the Championship battle. Awesome stuff this!

News Report | Renault Admit Mistake | Battle Royale

2 thoughts on “Chinese Grand Prix – Sunday Race

  1. Think so!!

    I guess the Suzuka GP was a better embodiment of “Haath ko aaya, Mooh na lagaya”.

  2. Naah! That was a case of stretching the luck too far! It had to run out sometime :mrgreen:

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