~~Home…Sweet Home~~

Ah! So I am back home after quite a while…almost 4 months to be precise. In hindsight, thatz not too big a time though…my roomie’s been away from hometown for the past 2+ years! So that would make me a pretty frequent visitor anyways!

And alongwith all the love and affection of family members and friends, I was also welcomed with a pretty sordid and wet climate 😦 . It was the effect of yet another depression that had hit the eastern coast and that caused some moderate downpour and lent a general gloomy air to the climate! The festival season is a peak-shopping time anywhere and my hometown is no exception. The main market square has been bedecked with flowers and lights and there’s a huge shamiana all over the main road of the market. Vendors have come up with umpteen reward schemes and oh-so-many free gifts and discounts. Ultimately both the shopper and the shopkeeper are pleased and thatz pretty nifty business sense.

Frontech KeyboardAnother thing that is new at home is the new keyboard that sits in front of my old PC now! It is a Frontech Slim Plus Office keyboard that replaces my banged up old one. Though it looked pretty cramped-up and quite small as compared to my earlier HP one, I’m getting used to it slowly. The only pain area is that the ‘Backspace’ key is quite close to the ‘Home’ key and I end up at the start of the sentence whenever I wanna delete the end-text 👿

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