I am Back!

Ahem! I’m too modest a chap to announce my comeback but it has to be let known, ain’t it? So here I am, back in Hyderabad after a Week’s vacation at my hometown of Berhampur, in Orissa. ’twas festival time and had squeezed out a week’s leave from work. Landed up there on Saturday and am back the next Sunday! Return journey was not as hellish as the ‘to’ one but was creepy nevertheless! Had to change three berths in order to accomodate some elderly people and ended up in an upper berth…that too in the stifling heat 😦

How rapidly those seven days zoomed off, I never even realized. I guess thatz the effect when one is with loved ones and at a place that is really close to the heart! I got to meet almost all of my relatives, met some old friends…some of whom had become mommies 🙂 and also caught up with regular acquaintainces and just-knowns. Since it was festival season, the town was prettily bedecked and everything was looking nice n’ new. But someplaces do not change with time, and my favourite hangouts were among those. But this time around, it was occupied by a whole new breed of college-goers! Sigh! Made me feel old! Maybe I am 👿

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