Japanese Grand Prix – Sunday Race

Alonso Passes MichaelEarlier in the season, and even in the last season, I would get distressed and make a poker-face whenever Kimi Raikkonen would lose a race or fail to get onto the pole position or even fail to garner a point due to an engine bust-up or other such mishaps! My friends (and the tifosi supporters) felt the exact same emotion (maybe a bit more distressing!) on the 37th lap of the Japanese Grand Prix as Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari spewed a little smoke and then some oil and crunched to a halt on the side lawn :mrgreen: Title-contender Fernando Alonso was a little under six seconds behind and must’ave done a quiet li’l jig inside his cockpit as he passed Michael and gaiend a 10-point advantage in the Drivers’ Championship race with only one race to go!

The penultimate race of the season merely underlined the fact that this might have been the finest season in Formula One , atleast in the past 10 years! The heydays of Mika Hakkinen Vs. Michael Schumacher were long gone and the Scarlet team have dominated the circuits like no one else. But all of that changed last year and this year, though they have bounced back strongly, stare at yet another ‘no-title’ season. Renault’s lead in the Constructors’ Championship is 9 points and if Alonso and Fisichella both manage decent finishes, it could be theirs for the taking! Am not saying that Michael and Felipe Massa would be slouches but one can never say! I shall hazard a guess and predict that while Alonso would take the Drivers’ Championship, Ferrari would still walk-away with the Constructors’ title. What say?

Ad yeah, you can read about the race and other tidbits here and here.

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