Google Taking over the Web?

Is it just me or did everyone notice that whenever we open a webpage that is either non-existant or whose server is down, we no longer get a ‘cannot find server’ error! Instead we’re directed to the Google Search Page 👿

I first noticed this when I tried to open YouTube  earlier today and when after trying for a few seconds, the browser redirected me to I presumed that since Google’s takeover of YouTube, the site was down for maintenance and URL redirection led me to the search page! But later in the day, I faced the same errant behaviour with a few Music download sites such as 4IndianMusic and ChannelOK and airline site of Paramount and SpiceJet! I also assumed that it might have to do with my Firefox extension of CustomizeGoogle but even on disabling it, I ended up at Google search page! Wonder what the hell is happening out there in the Wierd Wired World :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Google Taking over the Web?

  1. Hi! hopped over from my wordpress frontpage. I wanted to ask you a question. How do you get a pic with your profile? I mean that garfield pic you have next to your name whenever you comment? Also how can I use advance typing features such as the emoticons? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Hi! The Pic is an Avatar. You can also include a pic as ur avatar! Just head over to Dashboard>Users>Your Profile and add up your own Pic 🙂
    Read more about Avatars here

    And the Smileys can be added textually i.e [:)] = 🙂 [:mrgreen:] = :mrgreen: [:evil:] = 👿

    Type them without the square brackets [ ] 🙂

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