Anonymity is Bliss?

On a lacy lazy friday afternoon, having nothing better to do, I was browsing through the several WordPress Blogs that show up in the dashboards. Robert Scoble’s was one of them wherein he talked about a TUAW post about an anonymous apple blogger. This person, apparently is an Apple employee and has started blogging only recently – while keeping his identity hidden from the world. While this may seem as a secure thing to do to him/her, to others who read the blog it may send quite negative vibes. Already there are a few people who are questioning the veracity of the claims made by the blogger.

This leads me to the point I’m trying to make. Is Anonymity (esp. on the web) a blissful concept? Why do people are willing to wrap themselves in the cocoon of anonymity and say/write whatever they want to? Agreed that there are many factors that may prevent a person from revealing his/her identity to complete strangers. There’s the risk of corporate lynching if they’r are employees of a big-shot company and their musings may be misinterpreted as the company’s wordings. Or there may be socio-cultural ramifications if people reveal their identity. Or else they might be plain ol’ shy! Whatever the reasons are, there’s the risk of others not taking you seriously! After all, blogs are a medium of expression and communication and what’s the point in enunciating all that one wants to say and at the end of it finding that there are no takers for it!

Therein I’d liek to point out the other side of the coin. If at all the (anonymous) person in question does reveal his/her identity and say that he/she is so and so X, will their words change? Will the meanings and the ideas that they have put forth to the populace become any different? Will their words carry more weight than before? I think not i.e. unless and until the person is of a commendable social/political/technological stature. Wouldn’t Linus Torvalds ideas about Linux be takem far more seriously than, say, Luke Kenny’s ? :mrgreen: Sarcasms aside, the fact of the matter is that most blogs are not by celebrities, but by common people liek you and me! Expecting them to backup their ideas and writings with proof of their names and addresses is maybe expecting too much. Isn’t it?

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