Performancing For Firefox

After the Windows Live Writer and the Flock Blog poster, now I have another way to make a Blog post without visiting WordPress! I downloaded this nifty little Firefox extension yesterday – Performancing for Firefox or PFF as it is fondly called – which will let me make a blog post from within Firefox itself 🙂
All I have to do is set up the kind of blog that I shall be posting into, tweak some other small settings and then write up a post and publish it! As simple as 1-2-3…….This extension sits at the bottom of the Firefox window and can also be invoked by F8 shortcut. It is made by the folks at and in their own words, Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox which

  • Works with all major blog software
  • Easy WYSIWYG Editing
  • Trackback, Technorati and support

Well, I kinda disagree with the second point above! Windows Live Writer is what I would call a full-fledged WYSIWYG editor which shows the post being typed out exactly the same way as it would be seen on the blog! not just plain formatted text. There’s a Live Preview tab on PFF but all it shows is the heading in bold and not the actual blog view 👿 Also I would prefer a minimize button on the Editor window instead of a drag type of utility! It hampers my browsing a lot. And I presume the save a note feature is the draft-saving thingy. Why can’t they call it plain draft instead of note? I also dislike how the ‘powered by performancing’ label at the bottom is displayed in small-case instead of leading caps! I can’t add a category from within the editor! Moreover, I can’t seem to be able to add Technorati tags to the post! Bother 👿

Powered by Performancing Firefox

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