Watched: Home Alone Trilogy

Home Alone Trilogy

Watched the Home Alone Trilogy back-to-back yesterday! Lack of quality programmes on the telly combined with an absolute dearth of new releases (probably since it is the month of ramzan and generally Bollywood takes a break before coming back with a bang for Diwali/Id  season) caused a heavy feeling of boredom which, thankfully was assuaged by the availability of some nice DVD’s at home! Home Alone series was one of them. Though Home Alone (1) and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York are eminently watchable movies and were incredibly successful, the third installment – Home Alone 3 is not even a pale shadow of its illustrious predecessors! Macaulay Culkin was the star and Chris Columbus was at the helm of the first two, and evidently they turned out good. Though the lead kid was different in the third, lack of charisma and a repetetive story-line were the chief culprits of it being a bad movie! Not to mention Scarlett Johansson in a child-artiste role :mrgreen: And the DVD even had the so-called unofficial Home Alone 4, I didn’t even bother to watch it!

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