Desert Rose

There was a bee-in-moi-bonnet all day yesterday that I just *had* to listen to the song Desert Rose by Sting. For some wierd reason or the other I couldn’t shake-off that keen eagerness within. And what’s worse, due to workload, I couldn’t logon and search and download that song! So I scoured high and low whether anyone had it on their PC’s and might lend it to this poor soul…but no such luck 😦 People would keep songs of Godavari or Pokiri or Don or Bluffmaster etc but no one had Desert Rose 👿 Seemed I was destined to sleep off that desire!

And know what? Destiny had something else in mind! The minute I reached home and switched on the TV, Hi music was airing and think of it as a wierd co-incidence or ehatever…but they were airing that very song!!! Yeah! Desert Rose by Sting was playing in all its splendor right in front of me on my very own TV ! Made my Day! And I went hummming around…..

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

2 thoughts on “Desert Rose

  1. Looking at your blog for the first time. Thought you might want to know that “wierd” is misspelled. Weird

  2. I Know that! Just adds to the Wierdness :mrgreen:

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