Firefox 2.0 Released

Firefox 2.0Mozilla announced earlier today, the release of the latest version of their FireFox browser. Thatz the FireFox 2.0 for you….


Mozilla today released Firefox® 2, a major update to its popular and acclaimed free, open source Web browser. Firefox is developed by an international community of contributors working together under the umbrella of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit, public-benefit organization dedicated to improving the Internet experience for people everywhere.

Firefox 2 is immediately available for Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems as a free download from

Read the Full press release here

Now after the 2.0 Beta and RC 2.0 were released, though I downloaded it I did not install it! I was kinda waiting-in-the-wings so as to see what the enhancements would be and how it would scale up to all the extensions and themes of 1.5! I, for one, have a lot of really useful extensions on my I would really be upset if they (or most of them!) become defunct with 2.0 👿 Not every extension is upwardly scalable….I still remember I lost the really nice extension – Abstract’s Shared Bookmarks – when I’d upgraded to 1.5. So the upgrade to 2.0 final version will also have to wait for a few days!

UPDATE: Uninstall Firefox Before Installing Firefox 2.0!
If you have Firefox installed and want to upgrade to Firefox 2.0, uninstall Firefox first. We’ve had a few reports of users having bookmarks go missing after upgrading !

Via Gyanster@FreeHyderabad Forums

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