Watched: James Bond Quadrilogy

James Bond 007That word wasn’t created by me! I was thinking that quartet would have been apt but this quadrilogy somehow sounds more suave! Now, you might be thinking that that the James Bond Franchise has more than four films…so how the hell I ended up watching four! FOTM is, I watched the FOUR Bond movies that starred, IMHO, the best actor to have played Bond after Sean Connery – Pierce Brosnan.Though many may say that Connery was the best-ever, I think Brosnan more than matches him! And the less said about the newestBond on the block, the better!!!
During my recent visit home, I had laid my hands on this DVD having the four Bond movies that Brosnan had acted in. They were GoldenEye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002). And in all of them, Brosnan was quite the suave spy that Ian Fleming had intended him to be! Though I did dislike TND a bit, all the other three were fantabulous. The thrills, the chills, the chases, the stunts, the gadgets, the double-crosses, the marauding henchmen, the scheming villians, the sophisticated superiors, the funky cars, the swanky locales, the plush settings, the glitzy clothes and not to mention the glorious babes!!! All of them were picture-perfect. And of them all…..I find Denise Richards and Izabella Scorupco the hottest!!!

One thought on “Watched: James Bond Quadrilogy

  1. And right you are! Quadrilogy is the right word 🙂

    I dont like Bond movies, all they have are cars, 2 girls, drinks and a satellite.

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