Firefox 2.0 – My Dislikes

Its been hardly two days since I’ve started using Firefox 2.0 and already I am starting to get bogged down by its seemingly backwardness as compared to Now a newer version is hardly backward than an older one…but as the tagline of a useful website says – Because new is not always better! Here are a few features that I (won’t say I hate but) would like see changed in 2.0:

  1. Spell Check – Alrite! Who doesn’t want to be a spelling champ? I’m sure all of us would really like writing with no mistakes at all but there are times when we resort to minikets or plain ol’ abbros to put forth our ideas. And I sure don’t like the red line that draws across the misspelt words as if it were pointing out my mistakes! Of corz, one can turn it off but not permanently!
  2. Tabbed Browsing – Both the wonderful extensions that were responsible for some good enhancements of the already-potent tabbed browsing feature – TabBrowser Preferences and TabMix Plus – are not supported in 2.0. And now I miss the opening of bookmarks in a new tab or search results in new tabs. Agreed that itz not the fault of the browser (I’d rather blame the extension developers’) but it would have been nice if these features were incorporated within itself!
  3. Session Saver – There have been instances when I’ve accidentally closed the browser or due to some unforeseen events, it crashed and upon re-opening it, all my open windows were there for me to resume my work. Session Saving was Bliss!!! And now itz gone.
  4. Themes – Almost all of my favorite themes that adorned my are now lying unusable on the 2.0. And though its not that big a loss, I kinda miss the look n’ feel of those themes….esp. the Ubuntu human one.

These and some other minor irritants do sour the experience that 2.0 offers me but knowing that the change is for the better, I’d rather move on and not mope around for the lack of these features. And now that I’ve let steam…lemme get back to more prosaic things….

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4 thoughts on “Firefox 2.0 – My Dislikes

  1. The session saver is still there. U can enable it by choosing ‘show my windows and tabs from last session’ in the ‘main’ tab under tools>options,

  2. Yeah but it doesn’t “Ask” me whether I want to restore my earlier session or not 👿 A user might not want to ‘Resume’ the session always!!! Only when the Browser crashed or was accidentally closed.

  3. Chittaranjan says it right… is there any way to make FF start, and always ask the user, if he wants to resume the previus session?

    I sure hope so… any ideas??

  4. I found out today that when FF ‘Crashes’, upon restart it does prompt the user for resuming last session or creating a new session.

    However, when it is closed accidentally or for any other reason it closes, it doesn’t prompt on restart!
    I wish they’d implement an ‘ask at all times’ option over there!

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