A Cyclone Called Ogni

It has been a very rainy, ckoudy and whimpery week! What with the Cyclonic system having hovered over Coastal and Central AP all this week. And know what? They have a name for the Cyclone too! Thatz the first time i’ve heard of an Indian Cyclone being named. There have been hurrican Wilma and Katrina and hoards of others but an Indian Cyclone having a name! Interesting yet enigmatic. I now keep forgetting the name *dumb me*. Yeah..got it! Itz named Ogni.

The cyclone has caused widespread damage, especially in coastal Andhra Pradesh. And with more rains forecasted in the coming few days, it is going to get worse. I still vividly reacll the trauma we had faced in 1999 when a Cyclone and the a Super Cyclone struck Orissa – where I was living back then. *shudders*. Hope this one is not as bad as that.

Reminds me of that nursery rhyme – Rain Rain Go away, Come again another day, Little Johnnie wants to play!

3 thoughts on “A Cyclone Called Ogni

  1. Ogni? Oni would sound pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oni? Koi Kartoon Kharacter hae?

  3. Game character ๐Ÿ˜€

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