Orkutted after a While

For the uninitiated, Orkut is the Social Networking website that was taken over by Google sometime ago. I used to put in some regular appearances over there. But ever since our SysAdmin’s started feeling insecure about their employees maintaining a social network and blocked that site@work, I haven’t ben onto it. And thatz for more than a month! And now when I had the chance to visit it, I did so and guess what? I had almost 500 unread mails!!! And half that number of unread scraps….most of them spam of corz! And know what else is new? As with all things Google, they’ve integrated another of Google’s product – Gtalk into Orkut! And now people who spam in the scrap boks can do so via GTalk IM’s! Botherrrr!!! If I’d had the chance to speak to the guys who did this, I’d lend’em a piece of my mind……[Rant]WILL YOU PLEASE INCLUDE A “THANKS,BUT NO THANKS” OPTION THEREIN[/Rant]

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