Programmer Poetry

I Start my day by sitting on a Chair,
Giving my monitor  a hard, cold stare,
By evening I’m done with another coding,
Oh! This has become so routine so boring!

Like all, I entered this field with great hope,
Jobs were many and there was plenty of scope,
Dreams of joining the likes of Gates,
And a chance of making more money in the States!

Thus I entered the World of Bytes,
Only to realize that reality bites,
Coz a programmer’s life ain’t all that cozy,
This bed of Software isn’t all that Rosy

Seeing the Monitor all day & night,
Have taken the power off my eyesight,
Late to bed but early to rise
Has made me neither wealthy nor wise

Working holidays, busy weekends,
No time for family nor Friends,
My Job steals most of my time,
Helplessly, I watch this Crime!

Just for a few bits of money,
I forego those golden moments with my Honey,
When I should be out having fun,
I’m telling a computer what’s to be done!

I hate it but I can’t get away,
Coz I need the money they pay,
God, to thee I pray,
If there be one, Show me the Way!

Recd. in an Email forward. Truthful to the core, eh?

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