Annoying Cable Op

I am terribly annoyed with my nincompoop of a Cable Operator!?! The guy is insanity personified, a dim-witted moron, an idiotic jackass and a double-dumbo all rolled into one! The reason for my frustrations with him will take a bit of explaining to do but I’ll try nevertheless. It all started on Tuesday night, when I reached home and observed that all the channels on the TV were jumbled up. I am by nature, a meticulous person and I like my channels neatly ordered – Sports at first places, then Music then Movies, then masala channels followed by News and the Regionals and Religiouses at the end. And all of this ordering was gone! A li’l bit of investigation led me to believe that the Cable guy had ditched C Channel’s subscription and instead signed up for Siti Cable.(Both rival MSO‘s). I stayed up till late in the night to re-align all the 88+ channels in serial order acc. to my liking and was pretty pleased at the result.

Things took a turn for the worse yesterday night, when I reached home and to my stupefaction, saw that the Op had reverted back to C Channel!!! All my midnight efforts were down the drain! I hurled the choicest of abuses at him (of course he didn’t hear’em!) and again set to work to get the order back again! Back-breaking work it was! And I swear there’ll be murder if I find again tonight that the nincompoop has changed MSO’s yet again!!!

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