No Casino Royale in Hyderabad!

While the whole world and most of the cities in India are welcoming the return of the cocky spy James Bond in his 21’st movie Casino Royale, movie-lovers in Hyderabad (and other cities in AP) have to be content with Prapanchaniki Okkadu. Thatz the telugu dubbed version of the movie which literally means One-for-the-world!!! In most of the cities across India, both the English version and the local-language versions were released simultaneously. But only in AP, the Telugu version was released. The distributors’ guild says that the move was taken so that the movie can be watched by as many people as possible and get the feel of the Spy thriller first-hand in their own language! I’d say the decision was rubbish. In holding off the release of the english version, they are forcing the die-hard-bond-fanatics to watch the movie in telugu. What they do not understand that they are presenting an adulterated product into the market and that will only diminish the saleability of the original product,a s and when it is released. This kind of flawed judgements is seriously harming movie-goers interest in watching the most-awaited flick of the year.

I, for one, had the chance of catching up with the movie on the first-day-first show! What with tickets being available aplenty all over…after all it was released in 20+ theatres all over Hyderabad! But I didn’t want to hear Daniel Craig mouthing his lines in Telugu!!! Me gonna wait for the english version to arrive or scoot off to Bangalore to see it. Fie!!!

6 thoughts on “No Casino Royale in Hyderabad!

  1. Ye kya hora hyd me 😦 ,kaiku aise howle ke jaisa Hyd ka naam kharab karre junta…

  2. Howle distributor logaan ke kartoot hai yeh 👿

  3. Telugu? Hahaha! Enjoy the new James Bond movie; its lousy anyway :>

  4. On the contrary, I heard all good things about it 😐

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