Pavilion, Chinese Pavilion

Don’t harangue me for the title….I’m still simmering with the Bond Blues. After sleeping off on an empty stomach and waking up at 11 AM on a lazy saturday morning is no way to start the weekend. With pangs of hunder striking left right and centre, I had to run an errand near the Nagarjuna Circle area. And thatz when I decided to assuage them pangs with some delectable Chinese Fare.

Chinese Pavilion is a cozy li’l restaurant tucked away in the basement of a building bang opposite the Jalagam Vengala Rao park on the Nagarjuna Circle-Banjara Hills road. It was nearly empty when I entered, understandably so since it was only 12 noon. Once in, even a blind man can say that he was inside a chinese restauran…what with some lilting oriental music playing in the background and the spicy aroma that immediately makes one feel that there’s something chinese goin’ on! Decor was pleasant and spacious and with judicious use of mirrors, the place actually looks bigger than it is. Service was prompt and friendly. The first page on the menu urges customers to order one course at a time and enjoy the food rather than ordering all at once and wasting’em. It also encourages to take the help of the captain in picking the most delectable offerings. And thatz what I did. But was in two minds as to whether to go for the Veg. Platter (Rs. 99/-) or an a la carte. Chose the latter for the variety it offered and I wasn’t disappointed. Sweet Corn Veg. Soup alongwith some really yum Crispy fried cauliflower with garlic sauce set the tone for the lunch. The awkwardly-named Fuk Chuk rice was accompanied by cottage cheese and green peas in hot garlic sauce which was too good. All of that was topped off with a Chocolate Brownie which was the ultimate of ’em all.

The restaurant also offers Thai cuisine and I hear that they specialise in sea food. I remember seeing Squid on the menu!?! There’s also a DIY Vegetable Wok which the chef will prepare according to the customer’s wishes. Though the rates are a li’l on the higher side, the taste of the food is really worth it….err…atleast once in a month! So this one joins Ming’s Kitchen, Noodle Bar & Ohri’s Far East as my frequented chinese haunts. Unfortunately, Cinnabar Redd and Mainland China are out of my pocket’s reach.

One thought on “Pavilion, Chinese Pavilion

  1. Service was fast because it was empty when you entered!!!!!!!!!

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