Guru – OK Music

Laid my hands on this awaited album after a brief awaiting period, as I was kinda apprehensive of the music. Not that a Mani Rathnam-Rahman- Gulzar combination would churn out mediocre music but more so due to the fact that the movie ‘seemed’ to be an offbeat one – as Yuva was – and even thoug Yuva’s music was good, I somehow felt that Guru wouldn’t be that good. But evidently, I have to listen to it more than the one time I did.

The first song that I moved onto was Yammo Yammo which Bappida had sung and was much-publicised by the man himself. Maybe it contributed a bit to my not liking the music! It is more-so a drunkard song and nowhere near Rahman class. The song does has a rustic and pedestrain feel to it and I guess that it would be picturised on AB while he’s still a struggler-on-the-roads! Second up was Mayya Mayya, which I must confess had me all-ears since I’d read here that it was ‘inspired’ from an Arabian piece and also from Karunesh’s album. I’ll leave the debate but will say that it is a nice catchy song. The singer is a newcomer and she does a swell job. The intersped chorus of jab neel saunder….is also very tuneful & catchy. Lyrics-wise it is much more meaningful that it sounds at first but I’ll delve into that someday when I’m all alone and the cable’s out! My personal fav is Aye Hairathe Aashiqui which is a gusto-filled and hep number. The chorus piece does remind me of a Bhajan but nevertheless is very soulful. Hariharan renders it soulfully and Rahman too chips in with his melliflous voice. The orchestraic Jaage Hain is also a good number and reaches a high crescendo at one point. Chitraji starts off slow n steady but picks up as the song unfolds. Guessing that it’ll be an inspiring background piece as Guru scales new frontiers in the movie.

Barso Re is a girly number rendered with aplomb by Shreya Ghosal and heralds the arrival of the monsoon. Better than Geela Geela Paani in Satya I’d say! The Na na re Na na re interlude did remind of a certain hayya re hayya re from some other movie!?! The intro vocals of Aye Hairathe reappear somewhat reworked and more louder in Tere Bina wherein Rahman goes solo with additional vocals and is  an good number. Though it does leave a heard-that feeling to it. Udit Narayan ups the tempo in Baazi Laga which is the quintessential Baazigar song. Urging the protagonist to up the stakes and play the game! Money speaketh! And a hippy chorus makes you tap your feet and snap your fingers!

Overall, I’d rate this album as one of Rahman’s below-par renditions to date. Maybe because the obvious comparisons would be with Roja, Bombay and Dil Se and this one is but a mere shadow of them! I’d not pass it off either as it does contain a few tracks that grow on you with more listens and just needs time to register an impact.

Next Up: Kabul Express 😛

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