Been There, Done That

The post title has little (or nothing) to do with the content that I had intended to pen down. I must be going bats having nothing better to do than some mundane activities down at the workplace.

I did clean out my HDD though. Shift+Deleted some unwanted crap that had been accumulated over time. That included a DVD rip of MI III and another one of Rang De Basanti – both totalling over one and a half gig. Then there was the AVI of Being Cyrus screaming out loud to be deleted. But having ‘not’ seen the movie – even though it was coming on PIX the other day – made me keep it, as of now. Also relegated to oblivion were some old songs that the OS had made blue in color i.e. had ‘compressed’em to save disk space’ and tons of documentation from an earlier assignment.

Next up was some Online cleaning. I hadn’t changed my Blogroll  in quite a while….so out came the bookmarks from Firefox and went into the Blogroll. Removed the images from most of them as that would lessen the loading-time…esp. for dialup users. Dumped the ‘useful-or-so-I-think’ links and images which enabled readers to ‘add’ me to RSS readers et al. Weren’t of much use anyways. Cleaned out my ‘uploads’ consisting of some random images and funny videos.

Sigh! That reminds me that I’ve to clean out my desk sometime and that is gonna take much more than some random deletion or replacements! *Relegates that to the backburner*

4 thoughts on “Been There, Done That

  1. Cleaned your desk or not?If not do that first!!!!!!!

  2. Naah! procrastinated that 👿

  3. You know, being on a broadband for long time, am in a state of mind that refuses to believe there are dial up users out there 😛

  4. So would I…If it were not for the fact that I do visit some cybercafes wherein 1 BB connexion is used by 8+ PC’s which effectively renders the speeds to DialUps! And when I vizit moi blog therein, I realize how slowly the Images load 😦

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