Kabul Express – Music Review

What makes YashRaj banner’s music so special? And how do they manage to churn out some feel-good music from debutants? These are two questions which Adi Chopra may answer with a quiet non-chalant attitude. But it sure beats me. After Pritam in Dhoom, the banner now gives a chance to Raghav Sachar (who is a 24 year guy with the ability to play 22 instruments!) – not the Raghav of Storyteller fame but of the Cultural Amalgamation fame – to score the music for Kabul Express. And he sure does an OK job.

The music of Kabul Express is an eclectic mix of Indian an Arabic tunes (and though I can’t say them apart) most of them have that ‘lounge’ feeling to it. Banjar Reth starts off with some fast-beats and settles into a foot-tapping number. Crooned by Subha Mudgal, this songs speaks of the barren lands of – what else – Kabul! The Saxophones are prominent in the background. There are two more versions of this song in the album. Banjar Revisited is sung by KK who brings to it much more vigor and rhapsody. Techno beats dominate this one. Banjar Lounge Mix is kinda slow for a Remix but is passable and is probably my least favorite version.

The song of the album is undoubtedly Kabul Fiza which is sung by Raghav himself. Reminiscent of some of Lucky Ali’s numbers, this one picks off from a lilting number into a swaying number accompanied by flutes and percussions. The second version of this one is the instrumental one and I guess it makes use of less than 24 instruments! Yeh Main Aaya Kahaan is a slow song filled with memories and somehow reminds me of Shaan’s Tanha Dil – talking as it does about the ‘unknown journey’. Keh Raha Mera Dil is one number wherein I liked the Flute sounds. It also chronicles the journey of the protagonist across the land and is most probably a sing-along background song. The album rounds off with a Kabul Express Theme which again is just an instrumental. A combination of eerie female vocals with arabian sways and soft lilting music makes it a night-time song by the fireplace.

Overall, the album has a few good songs and some mediocre ones, but the fact that the good ones are better than others is what makes it an OK album in my opinion. A label of ‘Super-Hit’ may elude it but is listenable nevertheless. And though the lack of a duet is pretty much self-explanatory, what makes me wonder is why there isn’t an all-male-duet song on the two leads!

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