And so it Begins…

Thatz not a quote from LOTR: Two Towers but is meant to say, my four-day-weekend begins. Owing to Thanksgiving, we have a two-day off and then a saturday and sunday. Thus making a four-day weekend. And since the time is too short to undertake a homeward bound journey, I’m gonna while it away here itself.

Wednesday night was whiled away watching The Living Daylights followed by some random music channels. Day one of my vacation started off with the telecast of the Ashes series between Australia and England and it unlike subcontinent matches, watching Test matches down under is a visual treat. The game is fast and not at all boring and so is the commentary! Afternoon saw me stroll around Planet M, MusicWorld, Himalaya Book Depot and Odyssey for some books and CD’s. I’d be resuming Christie after a long break and with a few more books, shall be completing her entire collection. Friends urge me to move towards Forsyth and Ludlum but they’re not moi cuppa tea….as of now!

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