My Ordeal with Hutch

The past three days have been very tiresome vis-a-vis my Hutch prepaid account. My prepaid validity was to expire on 25th November and to prevent disconnexion, I had recharged on 22nd using ICICI Bank‘s Internet Gateway. Normally I do this every month without any problems whatsoever and I get the equivalent talktime within a few minutes. But this time it was not to be. Minutes and then hours elapsed without me having received the talktime. I kept repeating to myself that patience is a virtue! But when I did not receive the taktime by 9 PM, I called up customer care only to be informed that I’d to get it rectified at the nearest Hutch shop!

So thursday saw me at the Hutch shop wherein I was informed that a technical glitch had caused my talktime not to be credited to my prepaid a/c. Muttering wtf! under my breath, I listened patiently as the executive attempted to troubleshoot the issue and after an hour’s ordeal, assured me that I’d get it within “24 Hours”. Hours turned into days and there was no sign of the talktime yet! Itz saturday today and my patience had run out…..I stormed into the Hutch shop and politely lodged a complaint. Over muttered apologies my complaint was escalated….but wait! that was not the solution…apparently it will be rectified only at Mumbai and that too on Monday! So I will have to shell out another 200 bucks just to ensure that my validity won’t expire! So much so for ‘ultra fast recharge’ over the Internet! Guess I’d better stick to normal scratch-card-based recharging hereon!?!

UPDATE: As of today, I found that the Problem lay with ICICI Bank! Their Mumbai division did not transfer the amount to Hutch’s Prepaid division. I got a mail today apologising for that and they returned back my money to my A/c. :mrgreen: Hutch is not bad after all 😛

6 thoughts on “My Ordeal with Hutch

  1. I amm facing similiar pain with Hutch since 2 months on thier signal coverage…and this weekend I am gonna switch to airtel..

  2. Sue them!! I would have done it if it was happening to me

  3. I got signal problems with Airtel 😀 Atleast…My roomie has! Hutch’s been plain sailing for me since 2 years…..and this is the first time I faced a crisis.

    Sue’em? Yeah…..I wish I could 😐

  4. You have signal problems with AIRTEL?? I changed to Airtel cause my Hutch sucked. 😐

  5. Airtel’s signals are weak in our neighborhood! have to get onto the roof to talk!

  6. hi,
    this was a nice facility

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