Weekend Sports

I never play! Only watch’em! Thought readers might be misled into believing that I indulged in some kinda sport! Traditionally, weekends are dominated by movies but for a change the past one was saddled with sports. The Indian team lost yet again in their 3rd ODI with South Africa…that after having the hosts on the mat at 76/6! Thanks to a strong partnership, they fought back and posted a mighty 270+ score – chasing which our batsmen choked and spluttered on to be all out for 170 odd! But the cricket honours for the week rested with Australia who clinically demolished England in their first Ashes test. They ground them into subjugation and notched up a 277 run victory in a li’l more than an hour on the fifth day! Alas, the match was over by the time I woke up on Monday Morning.

The English Premier League dominated the other sport-watching as I watched with glee on saturday Bolton knocking the wind outta Arsenal’s sails in a 3-1 victory.Anelka scored twice and Bolton now move above Arsenal in the table. The other match that Icaught some action was Newcastle’s 1-0 victory over Portsmouth. But the match of the weekend was without doubt the Manchester United – Chelsea clash at Old Trafford. The match between the league leaders and champions was a widely-awaited one and though not a rip-snorter, was a good match. The honours were even (1 – 1) at the end with Man U dominating in the first half and Chelsea coming back strongly in the second.

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One thought on “Weekend Sports

  1. I love sports so much I blog all day about it. My wife is ready to divorce me cause I just cant get past my sunday ticket. Hahahaha

    Anyway, I love reading about this!

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