Multi-Touch Interactive Screen

Multi - Touch ScreenGyanster had posted this video on the FreeHyderabad forums and it was mind boggling! Its taken from the Technology website TED – Technology Entertainment Research. The Video shows Jeff Han, the project director at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences gave a demo on what can be described as the harbinger of nex-gen display solutions. Touchscreens have become prominent nowadays…esp. in ATM machines and Information kiosks. Whereas 1st gen touchscreens are sensitive only to a single touch – meaning only one touch on the screen at a time – this one shown here is a multi-touch device.

While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multi-touch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. Such sensing devices are inherently also able to accommodate multiple users simultaneously, which is especially useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive walls and tabletops.

Via Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Other Reads : TED

See the Video…

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