Spiderman 3 Trailer

Spiderman 3

Itz been out for quite a while now but I watched it today itself! That too in HD! Watch it here. It shows how Sandman manifests into the monster he is…something to do with a particle physics laboratory going haywire! And also shows the ‘New’ Green Goblin. But no trace of Venom !?!

6 thoughts on “Spiderman 3 Trailer

  1. Wow, so a HD is finally out! Am getting the 720p instantly! 😀
    Now more 3 things to complete my virtual Spider-Man collection. 2 games and a comic series 😀

  2. Hey, where is the 720p edition? I couldn’t find it at apple trailers. 😦

  3. There was a link for the 720P version at iFilm 😛

  4. That black colored spidey isn’t venom?

  5. Err…I don’t think so…..Itz spidey ‘affected’ by Venom’s blackness i suppose!

  6. No, Venom is Black suit on Eddie Brock. The black spidey is well, just the black spidey…

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